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! ! ! ! Strange Capital

  • www.strangecapital.com International 
  • Formed: Apr 9, 2010
  • This is a group for people who like to discuss stock and option trading. It will focus on short term opportunities as well as long term trends.

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  • dude, this club is long gone, nothing can save it

    by kylan511 3 weeks ago

  • Can i be a admin?

    by JoesLoaded 3 weeks ago

  • zach, can i be a admin?

    by kylan511 10 months ago

  • sabem alguma jogada de xadrez

    by arturhamannronconi 12 months ago

  • Could I be a admin?

    by JeffreyZL 13 months ago

  • can i be admin?

    by besttrollhere 13 months ago

  • first time i am in the group of top rated players

    by ShiGops 14 months ago

  • when do we get to play

    by powdski 3 years ago