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2400+ Fan Club!!!!

  • wherever there is a 2400+ fan is !! International 
  • Formed: Jun 20, 2009
  • 2400+ fan club is a group that is for anyone who is a fan of any chess.com player rated 2400+!!!! We will play team matches and vote chess! SO if your a fan of anyone rated 2400+ join now and have fun!

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  • cand i be admin me have highest rating plis

    by lilemu 10 months ago

  • I'm 2400+ in TT and Chess Mentor; can I be my own fan?

    by Chessislife2013 11 months ago

  • better a challenge with 14 days a move

    by Bruki 12 months ago

  • hey can i be admin?

    by PuruKumar 18 months ago

  • its so quiet here.

    by PuruKumar 18 months ago


    by PuruKumar 18 months ago

  • hi everyone

    by Bruki 18 months ago

  • .........

    by waynedickinson2 19 months ago

  • Wow, it's awful quiet here.

    by costag 20 months ago


    by nimit_chess 22 months ago