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Afghanistan chess ( Shatranj) افغانستان شطرنج

  • Ghazni Afghanistan 
  • Formed: Jun 30, 2012
  • Hello To all chess lovers. Lets play chess and enjoy mostly the Afghans :)) سلام به تمام هم وطن های عزیز. خوش آمدید به افغانستان شطرنج...

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  • Afghans are always winners. Shame on you Toefikf5

    by AfghanIM 6 months ago

  • they cant even build a needle

    by toefikf5 6 months ago

  • afghans are losers

    by toefikf5 6 months ago

  • e group ziad jashneest cheshm haayai aadam alaq balaq mesha ma raftum

    by 777555 10 months ago

  • salaam to all our Afghans brothers...

    by Faridoon2012 10 months ago

  • I am also in chess school so I Can't join against them. ;)

    by 777555 11 months ago

  • كابول بابا عمرو شاخ

    by Alekhine-gun 11 months ago

  • ااااااااااااااااااااااااااااا

    by Alekhine-gun 11 months ago

  • whats up guys, where is players come on show up.

    by Faridoon2012 15 months ago

  • Thanks poor player that you are so active...

    by AfghanIM 20 months ago