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Afghanistan chess ( Shatranj) افغانستان شطرنج

  • Ghazni Afghanistan 
  • Formed: Jun 30, 2012
  • Hello To all chess lovers. Lets play chess and enjoy mostly the Afghans :)) سلام به تمام هم وطن های عزیز. خوش آمدید به افغانستان شطرنج...

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  • whats up guys, where is players come on show up.

    by Faridoon2012 2 months ago

  • خواهش میکنم جناب سروری صاحب!

    by PoorPlayer9 7 months ago

  • Thanks poor player that you are so active...

    by sarwaryfamily 7 months ago

  • Two players of 1600+ please join against chess school. http://www.chess.com/groups/team_match?id=372242

    by PoorPlayer9 7 months ago

  • Hi there, any Afghan who knows English and Pashto? add me and send me a message

    by xxxChessMaster 7 months ago

  • Daud jan please also join www.chesscube.com - my name is (hekmatjoo)

    by hekmatjoo 7 months ago

  • Great you joined chess.com and joined Afghanistan team. very welcome :p

    by 777555 7 months ago

  • i'm new here to, and i'm not an admin here, but i am in those 2 others

    by 777555 7 months ago

  • Salam Daud Jan, I added you as friend what type of website is this. Hakim frough

    by hekmatjoo 7 months ago

  • Salam, Sarwary saib plz creat some team muches with some adequate groups tnx :)

    by 777555 7 months ago