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Afghanistan Team

  • افغانستان عزيز Afghanistan 
  • Formed: Jan 4, 2011
  • salams to all this team represent our country Afghanistan on chess.com. so please join the team.

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  • hech kas online nist

    by mahmood222 13 days ago

  • make some team muches to join , Super Admins or any other admins plz ;)

    by 777555 3 weeks ago

  • Thank you for the Team Match, we truly DOMINATED YOU

    by BadNewsBrown 3 months ago

  • salam Rohulla jan

    by jamik 6 months ago

  • Salam to Afghans all around the world

    by Rohullahkakar1 6 months ago

  • Dushanbe is ready, please close the roster and let's start the match.

    by totiusmundicivis 6 months ago

  • but i couldn't find the tournament that I made :D

    by 777555 8 months ago

  • Dear members,I made a tournament for our team, so you can go and join the tourmanet

    by 777555 8 months ago

  • Does anyone here live in Kandahar?

    by RomansFiveTwelve 8 months ago

  • http://www.chess.com/groups/team_match?id=314334

    by lvali40 8 months ago