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Ajax Amsterdam

  • Amsterdam Netherlands 
  • Formed: Nov 17, 2010
  • international group of Ajax fans... Founded on March 18, 1900 AFC Ajax is one of the largest and most storied clubs in European football.

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  • Unfortunately one of our strongest players is gone.. We need to step up our game cmon ajax!

    by Woestmakend 15 hours ago

  • at the moment we have just 12 players available, cmon team! subscribe, we need your help!

    by Woestmakend 2 days ago

  • We need more players in the Champions League game vs Qarabagh

    by Woestmakend 5 days ago

  • Komop team! we hebben meer spelers nodig!

    by Woestmakend 5 days ago

  • We have a new Champions League game, please join: TMCL 2014 R5: Ajax Amsterdam vs. Qarabagh FC

    by Dappre_Strijder 6 days ago

  • Helaas niet officieel kampioen maar de winst wel in de tas! ajax versloeg ado met 3-2!

    by Woestmakend 6 days ago

  • 3-2 en theoretisch kampioen ;-)

    by Salitos 7 days ago

  • 7 games left against Boca, 3 points needed! cmon team!

    by Woestmakend 7 days ago

  • Well done! Let's make this a great day!

    by Woestmakend 7 days ago

  • En nu... op naar de Arena voor de Kampioenen

    by Dappre_Strijder 7 days ago