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Ajax Amsterdam

  • Amsterdam Netherlands 
  • Formed: Nov 17, 2010
  • international group of Ajax fans... Founded on March 18, 1900 AFC Ajax is one of the largest and most storied clubs in European football.

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  • welcome :D

    by antigoon 20 hours ago

  • Let's give a warm welcome to lechimsya our member #100!

    by Woestmakend 33 hours ago

  • Hi guys, it seems we are getting stronger and stronger! Keep it up, let's get these W's!

    by Woestmakend 34 hours ago

  • Thanks! Jupp, too bad we are going to lose against Beroe but with our team we are achieving big things! I agreed with the draw because, even though i had a pawn extra i had the feeling i was about to lose the control by every move, so i offered the draw myself ^_^

    by Woestmakend 5 days ago

  • well done woeste !! we might even be able to clinge promotion if we win the rest of our tmcl games ;)

    by antigoon 6 days ago

  • Why did you agree with the draw?

    by Sjaak_Matski 6 days ago

  • You deserve your proud feeling!

    by dromerr 7 days ago

  • Proud to say i drawed twice against the 2080 =)

    by Woestmakend 7 days ago

  • 99 members! 1 more and we have achieved a nice number =) it's a start!

    by Woestmakend 7 days ago

  • thanks, i have no much time to play but i will try my best

    by marcelom2 11 days ago