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Ajax Amsterdam

  • Amsterdam Netherlands 
  • Formed: Nov 17, 2010
  • international group of Ajax fans... Founded on March 18, 1900 AFC Ajax is one of the largest and most storied clubs in European football.

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  • Vipera is aiming for my spot i see!

    by Woestmakend 39 hours ago

  • update: i would like to thank our new members for joining us! welcome, 105 players already!

    by Woestmakend 9 days ago

  • We have also beaten Phoenix!

    by dromerr 3 weeks ago

  • We have officially beaten River plate! Well done team!! great CL year

    by Woestmakend 3 weeks ago

  • ajax has lost 3-1 against psg, at least we tried!

    by Woestmakend 3 weeks ago

  • Me neither!

    by Juge 6 weeks ago

  • Looks like it... and I dont cry about it! :)

    by dromerr 6 weeks ago

  • The end for sigthorsson i think ( hope)...

    by DiAlexo 6 weeks ago

  • Today ajax defeated Cambuur with 2-4! Milik scored twice

    by Woestmakend 6 weeks ago

  • Henk, i'm coming for your spottttt

    by Woestmakend 6 weeks ago