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Ajax Amsterdam

  • Amsterdam Netherlands 
  • Formed: Nov 17, 2010
  • international group of Ajax fans... Founded on March 18, 1900 AFC Ajax is one of the largest and most storied clubs in European football.

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  • Yesterday Ajax acquired Daley Sinkgraven, what do you think? + or -?

    by Woestmakend 28 hours ago

  • after they burn down your supportshome i expected to see passion from the players, no they lack that even now i cant see it coming back shortly..

    by antigoon 6 days ago

  • i don't think 1 game changes things goon, we know about the flaws in our squad like the whole year. let's just hope psv runs out of luck soon

    by Woestmakend 6 days ago

  • Hi, you could type first row into google, it might help (they have a lot of ads though) can't give the exact link, i do not want to receive a ban

    by Woestmakend 6 days ago

  • Hi Ajax, is there a link where I can watch Ajax matches on-line and free?

    by vipera_raddei 6 days ago

  • yes that was dissapointing ... after this i dont think they will be champions this year

    by antigoon 6 days ago

  • 0-0, terrible match today, we were lucky

    by Woestmakend 7 days ago

  • Biggest game of the year, Ajax-Feyenoord, cmon team!

    by Woestmakend 7 days ago

  • No, there was no-one in there when it happened.

    by Juge 9 days ago

  • for god´s sake! Were people injured??

    by Philoupolos 9 days ago