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  • شعب الجزائر مسلم و إلى العروبة ينتسب Algeria 
  • Formed: Sep 12, 2010
  • ALGERIA...yes,but " AĿGЭЯ!A " looks better,this group is for all Algerians Maniacs,chess adicted,weak or strong it doesn't matter because the strong was a weak and the weak will be strong someday,show the Algerian flag and honor our country,we are proud of being Algerians : 1,2,3 ViVa ALGЭЯ!A .

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  • I am new

    by ruetekram 7 months ago

  • "On 13 May 2014, an explosion at a coal mine in Soma, Manisa, Turkey, caused an underground mine fire, which burned until 15 May. More than 284 people were killed in what was the worst mine disaster in Turkey's history. We have created a big teammatch in the memory of Soma miners and need support from all brothers and friends. Your participation will honor us." : http://www.chess.com/groups/team_match?id=407044

    by MonkeyDLuffy12 7 months ago

  • Salut tous le monde,on peut faire un Tournoi.

    by mohkali56 15 months ago

  • Caha ramdankoun et a toute l'équipe

    by Alimahidine2015 21 months ago

  • je suis nouveau j'aimerai bien participer a des tournois

    by Alimahidine2015 21 months ago

  • salut tous le monde je suis nouveau ici alors je compte sur votre aide et merci

    by RocksFire02 21 months ago

  • Quelqu'un pour me renseigner sur les tournois open du mois de Juin à Alger ????

    by Reza_BEY_BRAHIM 22 months ago

  • Bonjour tout le monde

    by Reza_BEY_BRAHIM 22 months ago

  • bonsoir tout le monde

    by ahcene18 22 months ago

  • Saha ramdankoum

    by antiko 3 years ago