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Anatoly Karpov Fans Group

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  • Formed: Aug 26, 2011
  • Karpov fan ? join us ! we play Team Matches and Vote Chess , we post forums and games of the great Russian Grand Master Anatoly Karpov , Anatoly Karpov is a chess grandmaster and a former world champion He was the official world champion from 1975 to 1985 when he was defeated by kasparov

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  • This group is just about dead. Your Admin hasn't been online in 3 years. 0% Matches won. But then In Progress: also Zero. Your SuperAdmin was on yesterday, but is otherwise so lazy, there's no direction for the group. This is totally unbefitting such a great player like Anatoly Karpov. If you want to relax on the sofa, go right ahead, that's what you're doing anyway.

    by BlackChrysler57 5 months ago

  • hello friends. ...!!!

    by Houdini_Genius 10 months ago

  • Can I be an admin?

    by An_Karpov 19 months ago

  • genius

    by sam_marco 22 months ago


    by CHESSPIRIT0 23 months ago

  • hi everyone, ty for the invite.

    by beth93 4 years ago