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Angelplaygirl fan club :) :)

  • Chennai, Tamil Nadu India 
  • Formed: Oct 10, 2013
  • This is a group dedicated to the beautiful and talented player Angelplaygirl... A place to interact with her fans and have fun !! And if we are lucky we may get updates from the diva herself !!!! :) So Lets Rock!

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  • Morning

    by VIDINMEL 10 days ago

  • yes, yes, Yes... Bow Wow Wow

    by BigdogP 2 weeks ago

  • Angel,my darling :) Happy bday :)))) *dancing !

    by priya_coolchick 4 weeks ago

  • its ok Mersaphe i don't mind...hey chesskalpana and BigdogP

    by Angelplaygirl 6 weeks ago

  • The fan club is for the fans :))

    by priya_coolchick 6 weeks ago

  • Hey Angelplaygirl why are you not super admin here? What an injustice

    by Mersaphe 6 weeks ago

  • attention attention everyone. what is a club or group without me. BigdogP. btw

    by BigdogP 7 weeks ago

  • yes and i got one.....thanks dear...:)

    by michelle_estrtella 7 weeks ago

  • i sent some thanks u's and trophies...just trying to keep track with everyone cause i have been busy :)

    by Angelplaygirl 8 weeks ago

  • i have been so busy but i will try and talk to everyone :)

    by Angelplaygirl 8 weeks ago