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Angelplaygirl fan club :) :)

  • Chennai, Tamil Nadu India 
  • Formed: Oct 10, 2013
  • This is a group dedicated to the beautiful and talented player Angelplaygirl... A place to interact with her fans and have fun !! And if we are lucky we may get updates from the diva herself !!!! :) So Lets Rock!

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  • hello

    by queen009 2 days ago

  • yea so do i but i am hardly here :)

    by Angelplaygirl 7 days ago

  • wow 42 member!!! Intresting! I like this club. let's have a meeting or tournament.

    by salar1985 11 days ago

  • hahaha nah...u all are :)

    by Angelplaygirl 12 days ago

  • Lol..we arent half as beautiful as you angel.. And thats the truth :)

    by priya_coolchick 13 days ago

  • a guy actually... hahaha...he say u indian ladies are pretty and he thinks u r beautiful :)

    by Angelplaygirl 13 days ago

  • LOL..who's that ?

    by priya_coolchick 14 days ago

  • i mean it in a good way...one of my friends loves your pic :)

    by Angelplaygirl 2 weeks ago

  • LOL ! love this background ! :) :P

    by ambarishgopinath1992 3 weeks ago

  • lol..why do you say so angel ? :)

    by priya_coolchick 3 weeks ago