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Animal Lovers

  • International 
  • Formed: Sep 19, 2008
  • This is a group for anyone who loves animals.

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  • Same to you lisa_zhang_tok!

    by royalbishop 13 days ago

  • happy weekend animal lovers :)

    by lisa_zhang_tok 2 weeks ago

  • rightsnow's right! actually...

    by amusingwood 2 weeks ago

  • animals like tigers, and lions mean no harm AT ALL, actually. they just need food. it's like us eating chickens.

    by rightsnow 2 weeks ago

  • I love animals. :) Peace to all.

    by AppleTim 4 weeks ago

  • Donna! Comment pls! Your friends miss you!

    by tornado82 4 weeks ago

  • Donna is one of the Super Admin for this group and a good friend of mine.

    by royalbishop 4 weeks ago

  • whos donna

    by Petcha100 4 weeks ago

  • Hey Donna has been silent for a while.

    by royalbishop 4 weeks ago

  • :P

    by rightsnow 5 weeks ago