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Arab World Team

  • الوطن العربي الموحد International 
  • Formed: Jan 17, 2011
  • You are welcome in our group Arab World Team, and you are invited to socially interact with all our group members in order to have more knowledge about the reality of Arabian people and Muslims. The reason behind choosing this name for our group is to facilitate the communication, create the foundation and to take one more step towards one Arab nation without borders or obstacles. Our members are using our beautiful Arabic language, yet we have many good English translators and our members maintain a high level of ethics and education. Our interesting group is one of the most active groups in this site and we have many experts in chess among our members who are ready to provide the needed training and recommendations to assist improve the team performance and the individual skills. Please feel free and welcomed to join this group and to be a part of a victorious team, continuous tournaments and vote matches against the strongest groups in this site.