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  • Formed: Aug 6, 2013
  • Are you up for a game of chess? Come and join the chess club of the future... the ARC! (ARC stands for Atomic_Rift's Club) This is an online chess club that chess players of any age and any rating can be a part of. The ARC currently has 2 websites! One is a domain under construction to be a public-friendly website, and the other is a secret website that can only be accessed through a direct link in the club. The ARC is a fun chess club full of competitions, club matches, vote chess, tournaments, forums, chess lessons, scoreboards, monthly prizes, and an awesome environment of friendly people. So join us as we battle our way to the top of the Leaderboards. This is a very challenging goal, but one that is attainable with the help of everyone. You will not go wrong joining here. I hope to see you soon friend. ;)

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  • Details here... :) http://www.chess.com/groups/forumview/newcomers-welcome-page

    by Atomic_Rift 24 hours ago

  • What is the Scoreboard btw?

    by aussiedj 24 hours ago

  • It's an idea though to make it easier on newbies. What do other people think?

    by Atomic_Rift 24 hours ago

  • @checkmategnome: I know, that's why there's also a Rank Progression contest every month. Something that the Top 3 would never be able to win. You came in 5th on that contest. So close! ;)

    by Atomic_Rift 24 hours ago

  • I propose the current scoreboard ends at December 2015. Then the top 3 spot earn a trophy for their work. Then a new scoreboard starts in 2016.

    by checkmategnome 32 hours ago

  • With the current scoreboard, some people with low winning percentages are dominating the top spots because of playing so many games and new members are locked out of the top spots.

    by checkmategnome 32 hours ago

  • sup guys! I finally decided to join. I will be inactive and active, depends whats happening

    by aussiedj 41 hours ago

  • I thought we might be able to learn how to play some new openings that we wouldn't usually play in our own games. Make sure to join the 3 latest vote chess games! They will be awesome. ;)

    by Atomic_Rift 6 days ago

  • Please read, it's a superb article by a fellow ARC member... DooDallyDaddy! :) http://www.chess.com/blog/DooDallyDaddy/missouri-state-chess-championship

    by Atomic_Rift 7 days ago

  • FashionGuy's account has been closed.

    by AWESOME500 7 days ago