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Arsenal FC

  • London United Kingdom 
  • Formed: Feb 1, 2009
  • This is the group for Arsenal supporters! This is the ultimate fan club for world wide Gooners

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  • Do something !!!!!

    by bniki 11 days ago

  • Hey guys, isn't there any hope that we can bring back this team to life again?!

    by Analysto 12 months ago

  • wakey wakey! There's a game of chess/footy waiting for u! (not)

    by cshuenss 24 months ago

  • i am leaving

    by GoonerForLife 2 years ago

  • 7 out of 12 r inactive

    by GoonerForLife 2 years ago

  • everyone here is inactive!

    by GoonerForLife 2 years ago

  • can i be an admin?

    by GoonerForLife 2 years ago

  • i want to join this group, VCC

    by WEA_21 3 years ago

  • Hi, everyone. I am new to chess.com and am defo joining this team lol. come say hi. David

    by star3t 4 years ago

  • Cool :)

    by Take_it_easy_on_me 6 years ago