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Baltic Team

  • International 
  • Formed: Jan 25, 2009
  • This team is for you who living in Estonia, Latvia, or Lithuania. The super admin for Team Estonia, Team Latvia and Team Lithuania are also super admins for this team!

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  • hello

    by chessmaster010l 16 months ago

  • We need 2-3 players with >1900 to this match: http://www.chess.com/groups/team_match.html?id=70099

    by johanpalmaer 3 years ago

  • Hi Baltic! 3 people missing agains Paris! :-)

    by mchevene 4 years ago

  • We still need 3 votes for 19....c5!

    by Legatus 5 years ago

  • Hi! Please, help us in Vote game. We need 4 votes with 19.....c5! the 28 hours are left!

    by Legatus 5 years ago

  • Baltic Team is mainly designed/ created for players from the Baltic countries, i,e Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania. The scandinavian players are normally members of Team Scandinavia. It would be nice if Baltic Team could challenge Team Scandinavia.

    by johanpalmaer 5 years ago

  • Yes - Baltic means : Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Germany, etc

    by pirstelejau 5 years ago

  • Can I join if I'm Polish? Poland is also by the Baltic Sea...

    by Kacparov 5 years ago

  • Blemba...jus tokie pasyvus, jokiu turnyru ir pan...nafik isvis reikalinga tokia komanda...as Quit. Im quiting becouse this team is so passive!!!!

    by Auskalnis 6 years ago

  • are there going to be tournament for baltic team members?

    by Auskalnis 6 years ago