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Bigduke's Group For Tournament Players

  • Texas United States 
  • Formed: Nov 8, 2011
  • This is a group for all the players that have played in my tournaments. I host several different series of tournaments, and if you want to be invited for the next tournament that is open for registration then just join this group! Also, we play a team match every once in a while. Thanks for joining, and I'll see you on the chess board! Bigduke

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  • dido

    by sirdarkknight 5 weeks ago

  • Hope they fix this soon, or I am moving on to another site to play.

    by MikeD4134 5 weeks ago

  • can dig that, no sense collecting useless material.

    by Roofless 5 weeks ago

  • I hope so! I don't like archiving messages, I like deleting them! lol

    by Bigduke 5 weeks ago

  • the rumor is that we will be able to delete with version 3, but it is just a rumor.

    by Roofless 5 weeks ago

  • So how do you delete a message now? lol

    by Bigduke 5 weeks ago

  • it is the same for everyone BD

    by Roofless 5 weeks ago

  • Is it just me, or has the "delete" button disappeared on the messages? All I see is archive where delete used to be. lol

    by Bigduke 5 weeks ago

  • Thanks, but I don't have the time or the will to do that. There a plenty of tourneys all over the place to satisfy anyone's fancy... ;-)

    by GentleWarrior 7 weeks ago

  • As a diamond member you also have the option of creating a tournament customized around whatever parrameters you want. You can decide how big, or small it is, the rating range, time controls etc. You also have the option to create custom trophies. Custom trophies can set your tournament apart from others and draw more players. The only tournament I've won was a small invitational but with a very cool first place trophy (my favourite trophy in my online showcase).

    by scandium 7 weeks ago