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Bigduke's Group For Tournament Players

  • Texas United States 
  • Formed: Nov 8, 2011
  • This is a group for all the players that have played in my tournaments. I host several different series of tournaments, and if you want to be invited for the next tournament that is open for registration then just join this group! Also, we play a team match every once in a while. Thanks for joining, and I'll see you on the chess board! Bigduke

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  • Thanks guys! And I love chess too much not to stay away too long. I'm actually playing 1 game now in a new round of a tourny.

    by Bigduke 25 hours ago

  • Thanks very much Bigduke. Hope all is well, enjoy the time off

    by Gragwar 25 hours ago

  • Duke, thanks for all the efforts you put in for this group! I have enjoyed your books too! You are my favorite Western writer!

    by Quaker3 41 hours ago

  • Know exactly how you feel,Duke,done it several times myself,all just gets too much at times! Enjoy your break,mate :-)

    by wallyjack 11 days ago

  • Your work is much appreciated and I am sure a break is needed. We look forward to your return to the game.

    by Kam50 11 days ago

  • Hello team. I'm taking a short break from chess. I will still run the team, but I just need a break from chess. Thanks!

    by Bigduke 11 days ago

  • Chess960 tourney for 1201-1350,see news for the link :-)

    by wallyjack 2 weeks ago

  • Im about to be starting a new series of my tournaments so look for your invite from me thanks !

    by devesation 2 weeks ago

  • Here is a no vacation chess960 tourney for players rated up to 1200:- http://www.chess.com/tournament/wallyjacks-chess960-no-vacation-tourney-series-1---lt1200

    by wallyjack 4 weeks ago

  • awesome

    by Darth_Desolus 5 weeks ago