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Bigduke's Group For Tournament Players

  • Texas United States 
  • Formed: Nov 8, 2011
  • This is a group for all the players that have played in my tournaments. I host several different series of tournaments, and if you want to be invited for the next tournament that is open for registration then just join this group! Also, we play a team match every once in a while. Thanks for joining, and I'll see you on the chess board! Bigduke

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  • Hello all! This small survey is geared toward US chess players. Some small notes; Your indenity will be anonymous. There are no questions that can lead back to your identity. It can be taken on phone or pad. Your time is appreciated. It should take no more than 2-3 minutes to complete. https://byui.az1.qualtrics.com/SE/?SID=SV_55wIN7lgEOOwuJ7

    by thatjimguy 4 weeks ago

  • Howdy pilgrims! If ya like science fiction, mosey over ta BarnesandNoble.com and have a look at "The Shadow of Olympus" by Emmett M. Smith.You'll be plumb happy ya did, nyah ha!

    by Giganotosaurus 6 weeks ago

  • Hi to all! greetings from France

    by Billie_H 6 weeks ago

  • Thanks for joining everybody is welcome to join !

    by devesation 6 weeks ago

  • I also just sent out invites to Sicilian Najdorf tournament good luck !

    by devesation 7 weeks ago

  • I sent out invited to the team for a Caro-Kann tournament if you want to play just check your messages from me

    by devesation 7 weeks ago

  • As an SA of bigduke,s group of tournament players i have made several tournaments only the members of this group are invited to play so check your messages from me if you want to play !

    by devesation 8 weeks ago

  • http://www.chess.com/tournament/only-one-survive-ever

    by Nqmaime 2 months ago

  • Hi, friedns! If some one want to play in a tournament, here one of mine :-) -

    by Nqmaime 2 months ago

  • It's possible, but then I wouldn't have any control over them. I'll be able to start another round in a few days. Just waiting for one game to finish up in a final round of a tournament :)

    by Bigduke 2 months ago