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Blunders confessional

  • The knawing feeling in the pit of your soul International 
  • Formed: Feb 15, 2009
  • This group is not for vote chess or team matches. This group offers you a point where yopu can cleanse your soul of your Blunders. This group is not for outsiders, everything here is for members only, but anyone is welcome to join and share. Share your moments where, after concentrating for three weeks, one moment of madness costs you the game. Where after 5 pints you ruin 15 games in 15 minutes, where the voices told you it would be a good move or my particular favourite, that move you discounted 5 times because it was suicide, then you go ahead and do it anyway. Lay your pain and embarrasment on the line and tell us all, we don't judge, we all blunder whether we are ranked 900 or 2500, You may recognise the group picture as Kramnikov's infamous move. Leave your baggage behind. Dont regret any more, this is the place to get those howlers and blunders off your chest and move on. Come in hell, leave in peace.