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  • International 
  • Formed: Feb 2, 2011
  • For all reggae loving chess players.

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  • irie

    by Mufudzi 7 days ago

  • mi always ready ..ya know

    by mmackdog 8 days ago

  • Yo

    by Popeye 9 days ago

  • Yeah me to.I ended up in hospital for 9 days last June and timed out on 11 games,this is the second time its happened.I took on to many games joining loads of groups,lol.I'll get em down eventually.Nice 1

    by rev786 10 days ago

  • ok rev. no problem. it happens to us all. i timed out couple years ago in 82 games . to be polite i was well peeeed about it lol

    by baldymanjay 10 days ago

  • Anyone interested in a team tourney . Around robin , we play each other white and black . depends how many enter , depends on how many groups ect . i will set up a forum, come and say yeeee or naaaaa. all the best respect to one and all

    by baldymanjay 10 days ago

  • Alright John.I wont be entering any,sorry mate,i got to many,i timed out on 25 games last week coz im over-loaded and i dont time out! Cool

    by rev786 10 days ago

  • hi team, sorry not been around to start some games , but if theteam wants a game then i can seen a challenge.lets see if we can get a good turn out

    by baldymanjay 10 days ago

  • It aint my group,haha,click on home and your see who the SA and other admins are.I got 100 games on the go,i aint taking on any more.Click on matches down in the bottom right hand corner and it will say if theres any going,if there are enter one.Cool mate ;)

    by rev786 10 days ago

  • Any matches coming off

    by Popeye 10 days ago