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Borg Maturation Chamber

  • Delta Quadrant International 
  • Formed: Aug 28, 2013
  • This is the place where Borg drones go to mature with Vote Chess. Vote Chess, that is what we do. All members get an invitation to the Borg Collective where team matches and a higher level of vote chess are played. Interested in mid level vote chess join us now, you are most welcome.

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  • Welcome to number two Rex

    by Rowan 2 weeks ago

  • G'day

    by Rowan 5 weeks ago

  • capt. rowan to hatetred please report please

    by hatetred 6 weeks ago

  • :)

    by amoghkannan 7 weeks ago

  • Congrats Amogh who is the new 2

    by Rowan 7 weeks ago

  • . . . and goodbye. That was a quick in and out :)

    by Rowan 2 months ago

  • Welcome ruud-1

    by Rowan 2 months ago

  • Fare thee well Ambassador and thanks :)

    by Rowan 4 months ago

  • Greetings Ambassador and welcome

    by Rowan 4 months ago

  • Peace and Long Life, Borg. I come as a representative of the Star Trek Team Chess League. We wish to extend an invitation for your group to join us. I will post a forum topic with more information.

    by Ambassador_Spock 4 months ago