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BTD Fan Club

  • United States 
  • Formed: Aug 6, 2013
  • This group is for anyone who loves the bloons tower defense games. After the first ten people, whoever has the highest rank in the group becomes admin! We talk stategy and play matches and vote chess even play fourm games, so some on over!

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  • its what round u are on

    by unusualkid 29 hours ago

  • no taketeck you clash of cats fanatic

    by unusualkid 29 hours ago

  • ugh

    by unusualkid 29 hours ago

  • ...but im in 5512

    by darthion 30 hours ago

  • FINE i will stop bragging until i pass 5500

    by darthion 30 hours ago

  • Does it means rank in game?

    by taketeck 31 hours ago

  • 8000 BEAT THAT DARTHION. go to my profile i have a photo

    by ningyuan 6 days ago

  • ugh

    by unusualkid 7 days ago

  • 4567

    by darthion 7 days ago

  • im on rnd 223 with 703 lives!

    by ningyuan 8 days ago