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BTD Fan Club

  • United States 
  • Formed: Aug 6, 2013
  • This group is for anyone who loves the bloons tower defense games. After the first ten people, whoever has the highest rank in the group becomes admin! We talk stategy and play matches and vote chess even play fourm games, so some on over!

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  • lets just say my previous comment was really the most i had in a eariler level. also, i sold 12 rods for 3 rockets

    by darthion 15 hours ago

  • hey mike SA me?

    by unusualkid 16 hours ago

  • really? How do you fit 5 tomgs on the screen w/o sacrificing one of them? 75 rods? that is ridiculous! how do you fit anything else with 5 tomgs on the screen?! and how much other stuff do you have?

    by unusualkid 16 hours ago

  • I GOT 75 RODS, 5 TOMGS (Temple of monkey god), AND IT TAKES 3 MINUITES. ALSO IM ON LEVEL 2021

    by darthion 25 hours ago

  • in BMC or in btd5?

    by unusualkid 38 hours ago

  • I got the monkey sub

    by minecraft201 39 hours ago

  • nooooo! darthion will be the champion! somebody beat his record! ningyuan, its ok qianhaha you died at a ripe old age.

    by unusualkid 40 hours ago

  • oh shoot qianhaha

    by unusualkid 40 hours ago

  • died!!nooooooooooooooo

    by qianhaha 42 hours ago

  • that would be nice

    by unusualkid 3 days ago