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Buffalo Sabres

  • Buffalo, NY United States 
  • Formed: Mar 29, 2012
  • We're Buffalo Sabres hockey fans. Let's go Buffalo!

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  • His numbers this year are sick. Is he the clear favorite over Eichel?

    by cmwris 3 weeks ago


    by PawnedQc 3 weeks ago

  • Embrace the tank!

    by cmwris 4 weeks ago

  • Big trades yesterday. Looks like last place for sure now.

    by cmwris 6 weeks ago

  • Sabres have been playing a bit better lately. Talk of actually making the playoffs ensues!

    by cmwris 3 months ago

  • Not much of a start but not unexpected

    by cmwris 6 months ago

  • Well at least Nolan is no longer intrum1

    by Daverose0106 12 months ago

  • Sabres fire GM and Head Coach. Damn! Wonder what I should ask for next?

    by cmwris 17 months ago

  • Dead last in the league at 3-15-1 hoping for some changes soon!

    by cmwris 17 months ago

  • Yeah, that was a surprise.

    by Nematode 2 years ago