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Canis Lupus Familiaris

  • International 
  • Formed: Nov 17, 2013
  • The "Canis Lupus Familiaris" group, is basically a chess club or group with two main interests, namely chess and loving dogs. It is also according to the rules and regulations of www.chess.com the only group who is allowed to use support players in chess games. The only qualification is that such a support player must be of the Canine Lupus Familiaris species and registered as such. Some dogs have a natural instinct for detecting wrong moves and that can be very helpful in playing chess.

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  • http://www.chess.com/news/noches-de-saten-blanco-6087

    by LaeveldLeeu 7 days ago

  • Happy New Year, wonderful people!

    by zealandzen 8 months ago

  • Bow wow

    by zealandzen 11 months ago

  • I can tell you with all the woman in our Club, we are a real strong team.I am soon arranging a next team match for our wolf pack.Leon.P.S.Inform me if you are available.

    by LaeveldLeeu 13 months ago

  • Come Canis Members from as far as Russia, Norway, USA, South Africa and Mexico, lets welcome our latest member from France called Karine...Je m'appellel Leon, bienvenue.

    by LaeveldLeeu 13 months ago

  • Well Welcome Karine, I will be in France for two weeks in September! We love your country!

    by Superdomestique 13 months ago

  • hi…been away and occupied. Are you following the Olympiad?

    by zealandzen 13 months ago

  • Hello Canis Members...watch this space for more news

    by LaeveldLeeu 14 months ago

  • Hi, Lion…and everyone!

    by zealandzen 14 months ago

  • Thanks, I also thought it is lovely

    by LaeveldLeeu 16 months ago