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Chariot of Sustarre

  • Habana International 
  • Formed: Jan 22, 2013
  • The Chariot of Sustarre is summoned by a 7th level priest spell in which a flaming chariot appears in a clap of thunder and a cloud of smoke and pulled by two fiery horses from the elemental plane of Fire. Seriously though, we are evolving into a fun-loving community of active and seasoned chess players from all walks of life and sharing a common goal of becoming one of the most diverse groups in the C.c universe...readily mobilized to strongly compete in all arenas of chess [Standard, Thematic, & Chess 960]. All games aside, we seek to develop great friendships through fruitful conversations covering many topics and activities. You are welcome to join us in building this new legacy! >> Applicants must meet all minimum requirements which can be viewed at