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Chelsea FC

  • Chelsea Fans all over the World!! England 
  • Formed: Apr 13, 2009
  • This is a group for people who love soccer! All Chelsea fans Join Now!

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  • wy dontall the Celsea band together and become one..all share the same principles.

    by BLUE-DRAGON 6 days ago

  • chelsea hasn't lost a game

    by johnny_BACON 3 weeks ago

  • hi:)how are you?

    by younisali 3 weeks ago

  • Why we don`t play in Champions League?

    by roger987 8 weeks ago

  • whahah, very funny roger987!Lol

    by MarychessArt 2 months ago

  • would you please challenge TSV 1860 Munich?

    by BLACK_STAR_RIDER 2 months ago

  • Hi Mary! You win against us only!

    by roger987 2 months ago

  • Hi guys, do we have any team matches here?

    by MarychessArt 2 months ago

  • bring on the palace.

    by chelseasteve 2 months ago


    by SamiGhanem 2 months ago