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Chess Books and Reading Group

  • International 
  • Formed: Dec 22, 2008
  • This group seems to be missing! A group devoted to chess books, reviews, reading tips and hopefully reading groups!

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  • Cool, thank you.

    by Verbesserung 2 months ago

  • This particular section addresses why many experience time trouble in slow chess games and is considered an excellent explanation.

    by Chess4Him 2 months ago

  • I do not have that book, but why do those pages interest you by the way?

    by Verbesserung 2 months ago

  • Anyone have, "The Seven Deadly Chess Sins" by GM Rowson? Specifically interested in pgs. 170-174

    by Chess4Him 3 months ago

  • how can i join this group?

    by mrk1839 3 months ago

  • I don't know how to send link. Look it up by title: the process of decision making.

    by stwils 4 months ago

  • i can't find jump in on amazon. do you have a link?

    by Chicken_Monster 4 months ago

  • We could go to forums under Chess Books and Reading Group.

    by stwils 4 months ago

  • Everyone who is reading or has read the book JUMP IN. By stwis

    by stwils 4 months ago

  • Me too. How would you propose doing a group? I do not mean to challenge your idea - just curious how it would work.

    by Verbesserung 4 months ago


Group Tournament

Submitted by farbror on Mar 15, 2009 posted in Chess Books and Reading Group News
The Study Buddy and Chess Books group tournament starts in about an hour. You're invited to join the fun! Read More »