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  • Formed: Dec 22, 2008
  • This group seems to be missing! A group devoted to chess books, reviews, reading tips and hopefully reading groups!

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  • I have started a blog series on endgame books, comments welcome:

    by Schemato 2 weeks ago

  • Read or play through the best games. Then try to solve various problems at the end. Anyway, 25 informant volumes are a lot of digest. And there are other 26-125 available too :)

    by ZaidejasChEgis 3 weeks ago

  • No someone just gave them to me. Haven't gone through them...yet...

    by thought_control 3 weeks ago

  • sell or read?

    by ZaidejasChEgis 3 weeks ago

  • i have chess infromant #1-25... is that anything special?

    by thought_control 4 weeks ago

  • you also need a bit of opening prep...

    by thought_control 4 weeks ago

  • Thanks...

    by ANIKETGOKHALE 5 weeks ago

  • tournament players use books on tactics! I believe tactic books are even better than leaning through electronics because you can go through the same problems again and again and really "ingrain" the patterns in. This is advice i need to do myself; my tactics are a bit shotty. There is a great book by GM Susan Polgar for this.

    by thought_control 5 weeks ago

  • So what books do tournament players use ?

    by ANIKETGOKHALE 5 weeks ago

  • It is ok. But i found tournament players rarely fall into those things.

    by royalbishop 5 weeks ago


Group Tournament

Submitted by farbror on Mar 15, 2009 posted in Chess Books and Reading Group News
The Study Buddy and Chess Books group tournament starts in about an hour. You're invited to join the fun! Read More »