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Chess Catz

  • Catland International 
  • Formed: Jan 20, 2013
  • Cat lovers unite! We are the fourth (or fifth, if you include the tigers) biggest Cat group on chess.com! Our goal is to become the second biggest! (Beating the cats is impossible.) We accept all cat people; adults, teens, and kids. This is a fun place to socialize as well as a place to play chess! We play online games, vote chess games, 15-10 games, and blitz games, and we love cats! Enjoy cats while having fun playing games with us! We are friendly rivals and allies with Cool Cats. Please join!

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  • http://catpoopcoffeeinc.com/where-to-buy-cat-poop-coffee/

    by Geoff_Boggler 14 hours ago

  • There are also coyotes near our house, but they never get too close, and we don't let him out at night.

    by Kaikung1 14 hours ago

  • Too many coyotes here abouts, many times we can hear a "party" happening, another "guest of honor" disappears."

    by kingtut77777 5 days ago

  • Our cat sometimes goes outside though.

    by Kaikung1 5 days ago

  • My cats like candy!!! The few mice that were unlucky enough to be caught became toys! lol Before their demice

    by kingtut77777 13 days ago

  • all my cats are outdoor barn cats they catch their own food(they don't like cat food) and earn their keep

    by BowhunterUSA 13 days ago

  • Well, he sure is a pretty boy! :-)..... Mine are indoors too, I don't miss the fleas at all!

    by kingtut77777 13 days ago

  • Our (indoor) cat got declawed, because he kept on scratching the sofas and chairs, and sometimes even us!

    by CatFanShogl 13 days ago

  • Can't remember, was it the green pill or the red?

    by kingtut77777 14 days ago

  • Always have a supply of cat-nip handy for those rainy days.

    by Bobcat 14 days ago