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Chess Catz

  • Catland International 
  • Formed: Jan 20, 2013
  • Cat lovers unite! We are the fourth (or fifth, if you include the tigers) biggest Cat group on chess.com! Our goal is to become the second biggest! (Beating the cats is impossible.) We accept all cat people; adults, teens, and kids. This is a fun place to socialize as well as a place to play chess! We play online games, vote chess games, 15-10 games, and blitz games, and we love cats! Enjoy cats while having fun playing games with us! We are friendly rivals and allies with Cool Cats. Please join!

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  • Ditto :-)

    by CatFanShogl 7 hours ago

  • Fblthp, mraow Mrrrrrrrow hisssssssssssssspurrrrr raow Mraow purrrrr hisscratch!

    by Fblthp 14 hours ago

  • Fblthp, that may be a cue for you to translate that comment into the cat language!

    by CatFanShogl 30 hours ago

  • No problem! Thanks for joining!

    by CatFanShogl 30 hours ago

  • Thanks for the invite

    by Seraphinus 31 hours ago

  • scratch.....scratch!

    by Bobcat 33 hours ago

  • Purrrrrrrrrrrr

    by Fblthp 37 hours ago

  • Mraow! And Purrrrrrrrrrrrrrmows Mraows (Have some fish, my friends)!

    by CatFanShogl 2 days ago

  • Mraow! (In English, "Hello and welcome! :) ")[Yes, the smiley is implied]

    by Fblthp 3 days ago

  • Welcome, all new members! Thank you for joining Chess Catz!

    by CatFanShogl 4 days ago