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  • Formed: Jun 1, 2013
  • Hello friend! Please join us! I would be HONORED to join in our team! Each member is very important to us and has a very important value. CHESS - ART, POWER, BEAUTY! CHESS EMPERORS - means everything!!! With respect!

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  • Cine se ofera voluntar pentru un meci dintre echipa DACII vs Historical Association- la 100 mese, mai sunt libere 30 mese din acest meci, va multumesc : http://www.chess.com/groups/team_match?id=390800

    by Geticus 3 weeks ago

  • Thanks for the invite my friend

    by JONBOI75 7 weeks ago

  • Thanks for inviting me...

    by tkmmansoor 7 weeks ago

  • Thanks for Invite.

    by MahendraVeeru 8 weeks ago

  • Welcome and have fun!;)

    by ciprianmz 8 weeks ago

  • Thank you for inviting me.

    by nqx03 8 weeks ago

  • Thanks for the invitation to this group

    by Kunto_Pram 8 weeks ago

  • Please oin also to round 2 against The filibusters

    by HarKing12 2 months ago

  • Chess 960 open swiss tornement begin.Round 1-Chess Emperors vs 960 Mafia.Please join to the chess 960 vote chess.

    by HarKing12 2 months ago

  • hello everybody :)

    by genarul_1900 2 months ago