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  • International 
  • Formed: Jul 15, 2011
  • For evrybody hwo like to play team matches

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  • Hi thanks for inviting.

    by adamson38 17 months ago

  • Hi

    by adamson38 17 months ago

  • Not a great drunk chess player. Lol

    by joshnbetty 22 months ago

  • Tnks for the invite. I feel homered

    by joshnbetty 23 months ago

  • thanks for the invite

    by naveenbabloo 24 months ago

  • Dear chess-mate, we at Ms Shokolatte's have a match with you. How close are we to locking? Do we need to send out a news bulltein and get more players, or do we have enough against you? In other words, will you be getting more players for the match?

    by LadyMisil 2 years ago

  • thanks for the invite

    by astixiotos 3 years ago

  • When do we play?

    by KWash01 3 years ago

  • hello everyone, thanks for the invite :)

    by cruisey88 3 years ago

  • Hi guys, I created a tournament "Torneio Brasileiro", please enjoy

    by NP-BonoVox 3 years ago