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Chess Mentor Power Users

  • International 
  • Formed: Sep 2, 2008
  • Are you a hard-core Chess Mentor user? Join this group to share training strategies, discuss courses, and make the most of your online training! (Chess Mentor training is found here: www.chess.com/chessmentor)

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  • i am the newest player!!

    by SJP_chesskid 3 days ago

  • Thayalan

    by akshaya14 4 weeks ago

  • hello

    by chessenall 5 weeks ago

  • The text on Chess Mentor is a bit small. A zoom-in feature is necessary and will be extremely helpful. I hope to see that soon cuz reading the text is straining my eyes.

    by VahanGoldenStar 5 months ago

  • Hi there! Someone can recommend me an interesting course on the mentor? Thanks beforehand. I would like to do a course on general concepts, like colours, majority and so on.

    by Treitoiras 6 months ago

  • IM like a 2000 mentor

    by EN-Patriots111 6 months ago

  • hi

    by DaPazz 6 months ago

  • hi all

    by bestraceclub 7 months ago

  • Mele Kalikimaka! Merry Christmas!

    by Lawdoginator 9 months ago


    by DaPazz 9 months ago


Welcome to the Chess Mentor Power Users Group!

Submitted by erik on Sep 2, 2008 posted in Chess Mentor Power Users News
Welcome to the Chess Mentor Powers Users group! I created this group for 3 reasons: #1 to allow Chess Mentor subscribers to talk to each other about the best training methods, #2 to get feedback on how we can improve Chess Mentor (features, conten...Read More »