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  • Formed: May 9, 2009
  • Join Chess Nuts! - CHAMPIONS TM LEAGUE IN 2012 -CHAMPIONS TM LEAGUE IN 2011 - CHAMPIONS TM CHAMPIONSHIPS IN 2010 - Our team is both very competitive (as you can see above :D) and very social. Everyone is welcome to join! Only requirements are you are 16 or over, you show a DECENT history of playing chess on the site, and you're a little bit nutty, or a lot nutty like me. :p CHEATERS NOT WELCOME.


Chess Nuts! Daily Endgame Puzzle July 29, 2009

Submitted by Politicalmusic on Jul 28, 2009 posted in Chess Nuts! News
Thank you for reading! Our blog reached the Top 5 viewed blogs on chess.com.  Thanks for your support. Endgame Puzzle: July 29, 2009 "If you like the puzzles . . . track me :-)." Can you name this great endgame player? Click the picture fo...Read More »