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Chess Players Who Use Apple Products

  • International 
  • Formed: Jan 21, 2013
  • For all Apple fans who own Apple products who play chess!

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  • hehe

    by ozJonathanHung 3 months ago

  • finally

    by ozJonathanHung 9 months ago

  • whoo hooo

    by nbegines 9 months ago

  • George is back sa!!!!!

    by chessboy8888 9 months ago

  • and me

    by ozJonathanHung 10 months ago

  • Then I'll quit.

    by mathboy1 10 months ago

  • George and astra were banned but brought back but they, on their old accounts were the only super administrators so now there aren't any

    by chessboy8888 10 months ago

  • Noone can promote you there are no Super Administartors and they're the only ones who can promote people

    by chessboy8888 10 months ago

  • I quit the group but GeorgeBlackChess said if I came back he would make me an admin. If I'm not an admin in 1 week, I'm going to quit!

    by mathboy1 10 months ago

  • Can I be an admin?

    by mathboy1 10 months ago