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Chess Rockerz

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  • Formed: Mar 4, 2012
  • Our target is to play alot of chess and learn at the same time from others and specialy from the experience of great players...because we love chess and if u do? and u wat to learn or want others to learn from your experience,then your right place is in this group.....thanx and have fun

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  • Sounds like Granny's Rocker has Fallen Asleep !

    by bulletheadbilly 15 months ago

  • Need help....join in a team match

    by ZURB_91 18 months ago

  • Kind of boring here...any open matches coming up?

    by EthicalHacker 18 months ago

  • We are the Official World Wide Distributor of all Surfboards.

    by bulletheadbilly 18 months ago

  • I like it

    by EthicalHacker 18 months ago

  • if you could get away with a Group name like "Chess.coms Official Group" or "Official Group" would get some good hits....

    by bulletheadbilly 18 months ago

  • We should changed our name to something more appealing. Something that someone wants to be a part of.

    by EthicalHacker 18 months ago

  • whith what we have remaining, Lets rock !

    by bulletheadbilly 20 months ago

  • xchi,mp

    by bulletheadbilly 22 months ago

  • Hello and Good Day to everybody...

    by bulletheadbilly 23 months ago