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chess team Fryslân

  • Leeuwarden Netherlands 
  • Formed: Mar 20, 2011
  • As 't een frys bist,bist wolkom. Als je een fries of een fries om, utens bent ben je welkom.

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  • you're very welcome

    by Dutchgalego 9 days ago

  • Great, Tomorrow I do play for the Dutch cup against "De Pion from Harlingen".

    by Dutchgalego 9 days ago

  • thank you for responses. i found those clubs in Leeuwarden, Dutchgalego i wrote a message

    by Aleliuja 9 days ago

  • wij kunnen ook wat jeugd gebruiken :)

    by Dutchgalego 10 days ago

  • by the way, every single one of you is welcome to experience the club feeling

    by Dutchgalego 10 days ago

  • Strongs players 1800/1900 rating, but also less strong 1200/1300. We play thursday night an you can drive with me.

    by Dutchgalego 10 days ago

  • we "schaak club Jurjen Tolsma" play 1st class competition of the Friese schaak bond

    by Dutchgalego 10 days ago

  • Hi Aleliuja, you can play at my chess club

    by Dutchgalego 10 days ago

  • Hi Aleliuja. In Leeuwarden are a couple of chessclubs. May be someone here knows an adress and the night they play.

    by droeka 10 days ago

  • Hello, i am bored of playing online and i want to sit near the real board. Maybe someone of you knows a place in Leeuwarden where people gather to play chess or someone w…

    by Aleliuja 10 days ago