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Chess Team International

  • International 
  • Formed: Sep 5, 2008
  • Let's form a team of players who will play vote chess games, but discuss the position before voting, or at least read all of the discussions before voting. Let's work together as a team and bounce ideas off each other. Open to all players, but thoughtful analysis please. Let's work as a team. Win or lose, the point is to learn, to have fun, and be friendly. I'm just starting it up and will try to be helpful as we go along, but the team belongs to the members. There is no leader unless the team wants one. I just started it up and administrate.

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  • Yeah, your oponnent tried to play The Blackburne Shilling, for at da start of da 1900ies, Blackburne used to play people on da streets of England for a Shilling, most of the time Blindfolded, a raging alcoholic but a fantastic player for his time, yo!

    by thegab03 4 months ago

  • Yeah, I really liked it and my rust is showing coz, I Failed it.

    by jadedog 4 months ago

  • That's a beautiful tactic :-)

    by BorgQueen 4 months ago

  • Somebody was interested in learning the Italian game in this group, I believe. I found a miniature game with a tactic which was uploaded to Tactics Trainer. http://www.chess.com/echess/game?id=20048956 The puzzle link http://www.chess.com/tactics/?id=115463

    by jadedog 4 months ago

  • I'm there. :-)

    by DrSpudnik 9 months ago

  • ok

    by corrijean 9 months ago

  • corrijean could you please go into the other vote chess as well, I'll try and get spudnik in too.

    by kco 9 months ago

  • Sorry, I am trying to wind down for a while... I need to reduce my chess.com commitment... AGAIN! lol

    by BorgQueen 9 months ago

  • Right got the other vote chess going now, join it guys !

    by kco 9 months ago

  • Got one going now.

    by kco 9 months ago

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