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Chess (the musical) aficionados

  • Merano Italy 
  • Formed: Dec 14, 2011
  • Get up your get up and go, and get in line! A group for fans of "Chess, the Musical" / "Chess in Concert", by Tim Rice with Björn Ulvaeus and Benny Andersson. More a tribute thing than anything else, and so that we can see who else will get the silly references we make. Still, if we get some fair number of people, we could do some vote chess / team matches, perhaps :)

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  • Just a heads up: both the original and recent Menzel/Grobin musical soundtrack of Chess is now available on Spotify for free! Listen to your heart's content!

    by RooksBailey 9 months ago

  • Current tour in the UK? http://www.chess.com/forum/view/general/chess---the-musical

    by DavidStyles 2 years ago

  • Wizard_Esk, no no, no tears were shed, though yes, 'twas sad realization of a missed opportunity. And David, it was actually the English version that was performed on that occasion, which hardly ever happens here in the States.

    by Goticue 3 years ago

  • News to me, if so.

    by DavidStyles 3 years ago

  • Did I read that there was a production touring earlier this year or last year?

    by Wizard_Esk 3 years ago

  • Oh no that's terrible! she must have been so gutted about that. Maybe even cried haha

    by Wizard_Esk 3 years ago

  • Aye, it's a great pity I didn't know of it back on '08. Still Goticue in this group has it worse... She was offered to play in it (some other version in New York), and turned it down, as she didn't know of it and its coolness at that time :p

    by DavidStyles 3 years ago

  • Yes live! :)

    by Wizard_Esk 3 years ago

  • You mean live? I've only seen the 2008 Albert Hall version, and that on DVD.

    by DavidStyles 3 years ago

  • I really want to see Chess!

    by Wizard_Esk 3 years ago

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