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  • Formed: Nov 11, 2010
  • WELCOME TO THE OFFICIAL Chess.com/TV Group! You’ve arrived at the “one-stop” place for All Things “Chess.com/TV.” Here you can get more up-close and personal with our Master-Level Hosts; find up-to-date program scheduling, including timely announcements for "Special Events" broadcasts; and talk it up in the forums. (NOTE: This is a non-competitive group. We do not participate in Team Matches and Vote Chess.)

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  • I watched a bit of Topalov - bright, energetic, he was a pleasure to listen to (I wonder how many times he said the name "Fischer", I heard it at least a dozen)

    by Eseles 10 hours ago

  • Next Show: Tradewise Gibraltar Chess Festival Rnd 5! Hosts IM Elisabeth Paehtz & GM Simon Williams - Saturday 6am PST/LA, 2pm GMT/London, 7:30pm IST/Mumbai

    by ChessMarkstheSpot 19 hours ago

  • Hey, gang! Don't know if you saw the banner, but right now, LIVE: Masterclass by GM Veselin Topalov from Gibraltar!

    by RookedOnChess 21 hours ago

  • Sorry to have missed the Melik & Me show with none other than Shaun! I'm sure it was fantastic! :) As for the NEXT show, we've got: Tradewise Gibraltar Chess Festival Round 4! Friday 6am PST/LA, 2am GMT/London, 7:30am IST/Mumbai

    by RookedOnChess 40 hours ago

  • We have a double-header for tomorrow's Chess.com/TV line-up. First, Rd 3 coverage of the Gibraltar Chess Festival hosted by IM Elisabeth Paehtz & GM Simon Williams 6am PST/LA, 2pm GMT/London, 7:30pm IST/Mumbai, followed *almost* immediately by Hack Attack, hosted by IM Thomas Rendle & HongKongJohn 11am PST, 7pm London/GMT, 12:30pm Mumbai. :D -Mark

    by ChessMarkstheSpot 3 days ago

  • Is it on twitch or Chess.com?

    by skattman 4 days ago

  • SHOW ALERT: Round 2 of the Gibraltar Chess Festival, hosted by GM Simon WIlliams & IM Elisabeth Paehtz begins tomorrow morning at 6am PST/LA, 2pm GMT/London, 7:30pm IST/Mumbai. Top Rd 2 games include Debashis vs. Topalov and Nakamura vs. Dronavalli. Have a good night everyone! :D -Mark

    by ChessMarkstheSpot 4 days ago

  • When does the next Titled Tuesdays begin and air? I am hoping something similar to what Danny did for the last one will be done, and will air live. In fact, if Danny is playing in it, he should broadcast himself playing in it again. Actually, Danny should never be allowed to play on chess.com unless he's going to turn it into a video of some sort! ;P

    by Healthy_Scratch 4 days ago

  • Coverage of the Gibraltar Chess Festival by Chess.com/TV begins at 6am PST, 9am EST, 2pm London and 7:30 pm Mumbai/IST. Top stars of this tourney include Topalov, Nakamura, Svidler and Women's World Champion Yifan Hou. Here is the tourney homepage: http://www.gibraltarchesscongress.com/ Enjoy the broadcast everyone! :D -Mark

    by ChessMarkstheSpot 4 days ago

  • quick question wonder if anyone can answer any help would be appreciated when trying to watch replays on twitch does anyone just get the title screen along with a message that says part of show will be missing audio due to copyrighted content?? my internet is solid so its really annoying,thx for any help

    by hallelujahcat 5 days ago


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Submitted by DanielRensch on May 31, 2012 posted in Chess.com/TV News
Dear All Chess.com/TV Fans -- This news posting is in response to the many recent inquiries (notes, forum comments, etc) about why clicking the "Videos" tab on the Chess.com/TV Page (www.chess.com/tv) is not always bringing up the same list of a...Read More »