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  • Formed: Nov 11, 2010
  • WELCOME TO THE OFFICIAL Chess.com/TV Group! You’ve arrived at the “one-stop” place for All Things “Chess.com/TV.” Here you can get more up-close and personal with our Master-Level Hosts; find up-to-date program scheduling, including timely announcements for "Special Events" broadcasts; and talk it up in the forums. (NOTE: This is a non-competitive group. We do not participate in Team Matches and Vote Chess.)

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  • Sinquefield Cup on Chess.com/TV in a few short minutes!

    by zealandzen 12 hours ago

  • ChessTV has been showing the Sinquefield Cup…Round 4 tomorrow at 12pm PDT (8pm London). Super games, commentary, interviews, and ChessTV chat. Not to miss.

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  • Sinquefield Cup Round 1 coverage on ChessTV - live from St. Louis! Today at 12pm PDT (8pm London)

    by zealandzen 7 days ago

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YGA by GM Magesh - June 12th, 2013

Submitted by thamizhan on Jun 13, 2013 posted in Chess.com/TV News
Dear Viewers,           We started this weeks YGA with the following puzzle, Arun Sharma, a strong player with a FIDE rating of 2398 was the first one to answer the question. White just has to place his king in the same color square as ...Read More »