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Chesskia's Friends

  • Palatka,Florida United States 
  • Formed: Sep 22, 2012
  • Chesskia (aka Peter Lamoreaux) stopped retuning messages about a year ago. On googling I found he had passed away. Peter was a real icon of this site to me. He was my first helper and then my coach. This group is for his friends on the site that would like to remember him in this way. (http://www.wattsfuneralhomes.c​om/peter-m-lamoreaux)

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  • He is really a GrandMaster

    by ThaGoodBoy 19 months ago

  • justjoshin is now assisting me as admin

    by kiwijohn 19 months ago

  • Would appreciate help messaging all people listed on his account as friends to see if they would like to join. I have no automated way to do this so am just doing a few a day. I imagine his account will be closed in a few weeks when his credit card renewal is due (system implies 11 months go he renewed). Please invite his friends.

    by kiwijohn 19 months ago

  • very sad to find out he has passed away. He was always very generous with his time and his advice.

    by justjoshin 19 months ago

  • my first online coach he will be missed

    by chessmaster102 19 months ago

  • My respects to a kind and thoughtful man. He will be missed.

    by RainbowRising 19 months ago

  • He was very kind to me. Please pass invites to join group to any of his friends you know

    by kiwijohn 19 months ago

  • He was a very kind man, warm and incredibly smart.

    by pbland 19 months ago