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  • Formed: Feb 19, 2009
  • For members of chesstempo.com. Because chess is tactics, tactics, tactics.

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  • @low rated ChessTempo players: Can you post a link to a few single-tag puzzles in the forum? My team will be going to a tournament soon.

    by LelaCrosby 2 weeks ago

  • Hardest Puzzle I've seen (rated 1852): http://chesstempo.com/chess-tactics.html

    by LelaCrosby 8 months ago

  • http://www.chess.com/blog/achja/two-quotimmortalquot-games-in-one-month

    by achja 9 months ago

  • Is this the most commented puzzle? 52 comments and counting: http://chesstempo.com/chess-tactics-old.html

    by LelaCrosby 16 months ago

  • Neat mate in 7: 74066

    by LelaCrosby 17 months ago

  • Most controversial tag: Smother - http://chesstempo.com/chess-problems/40405

    by LelaCrosby 17 months ago

  • @cezeus Nice one!

    by LelaCrosby 17 months ago

  • My favorite is #28544 :)

    by LelaCrosby 17 months ago

  • :)

    by Kacparov 18 months ago

  • oki

    by sjarel 18 months ago