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Christian Philosophy

  • International 
  • Formed: Sep 8, 2009
  • A group for Christians to discuss philosophical matters.

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  • Matthew 16:18 Christ spoke a riddle?

    by MasterWantaBe 2 months ago

  • Everything was created in six stages

    by MasterWantaBe 2 months ago

  • ? so God created the earth then the sun then started the earth rotating

    by MasterWantaBe 2 months ago

  • Hello friends, anyone know how I can learn more about the council of Jerusalem A.D. ?

    by MasterWantaBe 2 months ago

  • sorry guys - I'm leaving having just joined - I see v.little recent activity and based on previous experience see little point continuing.

    by jrb136 17 months ago

  • This is how I see it. Love is the purpose of life.

    by mcwelch101 24 months ago

  • wake up

    by mcwelch101 24 months ago

  • where is everybody?

    by mcwelch101 24 months ago

  • Everyday The world is made A chance to change But I feel the same And I wonder why would I wait till I die to come alive? I'm ready now I'm not waiting for the afterlife I still believe we could live forever You and I we we begin forever now Forever now Forever I still believe in us together You and I we're here together now Forever now, forever now Or never now

    by mcwelch101 2 years ago

  • Hello everyone. Nice to meet some other Christian philosophers who also like chess. As far as Christian philosophy goes, I'm Presuppositional.

    by RenewedIdealist 2 years ago

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