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Cleveland Browns Backers

  • Cleveland, Ohio United States 
  • Formed: Mar 6, 2010
  • This is the group for all die-hard Browns fans, all over the world!

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  • I think it is still good. I'll admit the end of the year was bad, but I think there is reason to optimistic. Our defense is really good and we have a head coach who shows a great deal of potential. Our offense needs some help. I think we can fix our WRs in the draft and free agency, the QB situation will probably continue to haunt us though.

    by Grinmaster 3 months ago

  • Hey, Grinmaster, is it still good to be a Browns' fan? Overall, it was a better year than I expected, but the QB and WR positions still look like a mess :(

    by phil_pastor 3 months ago

  • It's a good day, to be a Browns fan!

    by Grinmaster 6 months ago

  • Hi, I'm Max. Just joined the group. Have you guys played any matches yet? Was just wondering what the group generally does (aside from talking about Manziel of couse, haha)

    by mljonesqwe 9 months ago

  • You guys want to play a match against the Steelers backers? Bring your A game!!

    by Grinmaster 10 months ago

  • Yes, hope he is either great or terrible and nowhere in between! Great first round picks.

    by apiscitello 11 months ago

  • I wasn't thrilled with the Johnny pick, but now that he's in Cleveland I hope he kicks some ass

    by Grinmaster 11 months ago

  • At least there is some hope. There was none the last few years until a couple games with Hoyer. 48 yrs of following the Browns and the last few have been the worst. Go Johnny go!!!!!!!!!!!

    by doublecorner 11 months ago

  • 2 top picks in 2015 after Johnny is a bust!

    by apiscitello 11 months ago

  • Wow.......we got the best corner....Johnnie Football and a top pick next year......maybe we are back

    by doublecorner 11 months ago