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Cleveland Browns Backers

  • Cleveland, Ohio United States 
  • Formed: Mar 6, 2010
  • This is the group for all die-hard Browns fans, all over the world!

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  • Draft day is coming soon. I'd like to see Watkins in the brown and orange. How about you guys?

    by Grinmaster 5 days ago

  • Here we go again, Browns Fans!

    by phil_pastor 4 months ago

  • I'm a canned ham.

    by Isoterra 13 months ago

  • I am surprised too, but a lot of people don't look for groups to join.

    by apiscitello 13 months ago

  • 4 members? really? the largest, most devoted backers org in the world, and it has 4 chess players? hard to believe! Go Browns.

    by phil_pastor 13 months ago

  • Nice 3 wins in a row

    by Isoterra 16 months ago

  • Nice win for those Brownies today!

    by apiscitello 16 months ago