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College Football

  • United States 
  • Formed: Aug 16, 2008
  • For those who love College Football

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  • Roll Tide!!!!!!!!!!!!

    by BigBad-Wolf 8 months ago

  • Hello everyone... LSU fan

    by LACajunborn 17 months ago

  • RG3 is Heisman winner

    by mattattack99 3 years ago

  • LSU won the over-signing bowl.

    by mattattack99 3 years ago

  • K-State is 7-1 baby.

    by theblindtiger 3 years ago

  • My week 1 upset pick: Georgia over Boise State

    by mattattack99 3 years ago

  • It's a possibility, but I think we may be able to overcome it.

    by Canesfan4life 3 years ago

  • Speaking of Miami, their season is shot

    by mattattack99 3 years ago

  • Hey everybody! I figured I would start a college football fan group for the Miami Hurricanes, so if there are an 'Canes fans out there, come join us.

    by Canesfan4life 3 years ago

  • Howdy Football Fans!! How has everyone been? Sorry I've been gone so long (working 11 days a week), but Summer Vacation is here, so I finally have enuf time for chess again!! :-) I've got 1950 messages in my inbox, plus thousands of new comments, and threads, etc. to catch up on or at least clear from my notification list, so I'll be busy for a while, but I had to check in with my favorite groups first (and this was one of the first groups I ever joined after all). ;-) See you 'round.

    by Billium248 3 years ago