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  • Hundred Islands Along Equator International 
  • Formed: Aug 12, 2013
  • Be apart of these Caliber Masters, Strong Players & Aspiring players! A Hang Out for Masters & to our Friends in reaching Rated 2000+! We are the Pioneering Group that Hosted a Tournament within our groups Outside! We can Organize a Tournament that is System Generated.A game could be Swiss, Round Robin in a Minutes/ Hours or a One day Tournament. Our Admins & Super Admins sets up varieties of matches worldwide to other Teams for us to compete. These are National/International Teams, & Matches are conducted every now & then for us to develop our games. Friendships among members are observe with High Respect Regardless of Race for us to Establish Team Works. Unethical behavior is automatically Ban. And as a member you have given the right to post Messages, Blogs, News, Notes, Vote Chess, Photos, Alerts, Events, Chats & Invite People. Explore your Games, have Fun with Us & Enjoy!