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  • Formed: Aug 20, 2013
  • 'Cricket' is a match playing group for all cricket fans from around the world and supporters of every team, from world xi to your local village, and it would be great if you joined too! We play regular matches and hold tournaments within the group, and even have our own competition between cricket fans of each country, with cricket discussion and banter in the forums / notes. I hope you join and get involved, it will be great to have you here. Thanks :)

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  • From the Phillipines vilox has joined us, welcome Vincent.

    by Rockerbob 8 days ago

  • So what you think about India suspending all the tours with West Indies and threatning to take legal action against them.

    by dops78 8 days ago

  • Hi all, would be grateful if you could join this game: http://www.chess.com/groups/team_match?id=459014 We need at least 4 more players. Thanks!

    by Stickman13 9 days ago

  • Two new members, deadherber from Mexico and Matilda 876 from India, thanks for joining us.

    by Rockerbob 9 days ago

  • Welcome PiTauGi, from Cuba, a new country for us I believe. Have fun here, Marcos!

    by Stickman13 2 weeks ago

  • thanks for letting me be part of your group, greetings to all

    by PiTauGi 2 weeks ago

  • dez159 from the USA has joined us, have a nice time here Dez.

    by Rockerbob 2 weeks ago

  • From Bangladore, AbelBiro has arrived to show off his googly, Welcom Abel.

    by Rockerbob 2 weeks ago

  • hello

    by AbelBiro 2 weeks ago

  • From Canada, welcome to legiontothewin.

    by Rockerbob 2 weeks ago