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  • Formed: Aug 20, 2013
  • 'Cricket' is a match playing group for all cricket fans from around the world and supporters of every team, from world xi to your local village, and it would be great if you joined too! We play regular matches and hold tournaments within the group, and even have our own competition between cricket fans of each country, with cricket discussion and banter in the forums / notes. I hope you join and get involved, it will be great to have you here. Thanks :)

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  • 5 days washed out now in the Bangladesh vs SA series, and a drawn series will cost South Africa 5 ranking points and give Bangladesh 6. Bit disappointing, what we have seen makes it look like it'd be fairly good, close games

    by Stickman13 14 hours ago

  • Wood's a shoo-in according to the pundits on 'Sky Sports.'

    by Zxclnic 28 hours ago

  • I'd guess Wood assuming he's fit!

    by mpearce01 29 hours ago

  • Who do we think will replace anderson? Wood, Plunkett and Footitt in the squad, I hoped for someone like Rushworth but I expect out of those it'll be wood

    by Stickman13 31 hours ago

  • Hopefully Finn can continue to perform like he did and Broad etc can step up to replace Anderson.

    by mpearce01 32 hours ago

  • And possibly the summer!

    by mpearce01 32 hours ago

  • More importantly, Anderson ruled out of next test at Trent Bridge!

    by Zxclnic 39 hours ago

  • Warner gone for 77 out of 111!

    by mpearce01 3 days ago

  • England looking good for a 2-1 lead at the moment. It will take a real fight back by the Aussies to avoid that!

    by mpearce01 3 days ago

  • Hi guys, new season of our international cricket league starting very soon, find your country at http://www.chess.com/groups/forumview/nations2 and get involved if you can!

    by Stickman13 7 days ago