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Dallas Cowboys Fans

  • everywhere,USA United States 
  • Formed: Apr 18, 2009
  • This is for the fans to unite through chess!Anyone who wants to join is welcome but you've got to be a Dallas Cowboys fan!We have other groups(NFL teams)to compete against in team matches! The groups are forming we need to unite to fight!If you are not a fan of the cowboys ,there are other teams to join,visit the american sports bar and grill group for more info,if your team does not have a group yet CREATE one to add to the league and recruit fans of your own!

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  • Good enough for first place!

    by CowboyJunkie 48 hours ago

  • Romo is getting old and can't find the frickin ball

    by johnny_BACON 2 days ago

  • about to go primetime baby. gnats going to get wrecked

    by tootiredatm 2 days ago

  • pretty much, whether tit is career, season or game. romo probably has the record for w/e it is your looking for. he's legit as fuck

    by tootiredatm 6 days ago

  • Romo owns most of the Cowboy's passing records and that was with a poor O line most of the time.

    by CowboyJunkie 6 days ago

  • he and the rest of the cowboys are shining!! cause them boys are back

    by tootiredatm 7 days ago

  • aikman had the best o line in the history of the nfl. a lights out defense and had the best RB of all time (if numbers matter to anyone). romo hasn't had any of that till.... now. and look at my boy

    by tootiredatm 7 days ago

  • If you think Romo compares to Aikman you are sorely mistaken. Aikman won playoff games and Super Bowls. Romo can't capitalize when it matters most. If you argue with that you obviously don't watch him.

    by hurkbeard420 7 days ago

  • Cowboys ! Kickin butt 30-23 Seahawks

    by johnny_BACON 7 days ago

  • I'm here. lets give it new life.

    by HCORONADO 4 months ago