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Dallas Cowboys Fans

  • everywhere,USA United States 
  • Formed: Apr 18, 2009
  • This is for the fans to unite through chess!Anyone who wants to join is welcome but you've got to be a Dallas Cowboys fan!We have other groups(NFL teams)to compete against in team matches! The groups are forming we need to unite to fight!If you are not a fan of the cowboys ,there are other teams to join,visit the american sports bar and grill group for more info,if your team does not have a group yet CREATE one to add to the league and recruit fans of your own!

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  • We must be the last two fans? So who else do you want...Broncos?

    by CowboyJunkie 16 months ago

  • Win and in! To many injuries on D to go far...but pleeze beat the Skins

    by CowboyJunkie 16 months ago

  • And pants!

    by CowboyJunkie 16 months ago

  • I like how you think...they have to take care of NO this weekend to continue that possibility

    by CowboyJunkie 16 months ago

  • I would take Tony...but he is going to need at least one SuperBowl win to get a shot at the Hall of Fame even though he know holds almost all of the Cowboy passing records!

    by CowboyJunkie 16 months ago

  • Just your opinion: Is Tony Romo as good as Troy, The Shootist, Aikman? I just made that up, although he could pass the ball as accurately as Harry Callahan could fire his revolver.

    by PeteGuenn 16 months ago

  • rk got that almost right. Accept a vote challenge from steeler nation, and then crush them like asphalt.

    by PeteGuenn 16 months ago

  • cowboys 1-1 can tony romo put together a 2 game winning streak the hated redskins are up next

    by Jebcc 3 years ago

  • Did you see Jerry Jones, Jimmy Johnson, Troy Aikman, and Michael Irvan on CBS... It was a special moment. Today is the Super Bowl and the Dallas Cowboys are stealing the spot light. It's the America's Team bebe.

    by Black__Knight 3 years ago

  • Congratulations, Dallas. Good game.

    by Tom 4 years ago