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Dallas Cowboys Fans

  • everywhere,USA United States 
  • Formed: Apr 18, 2009
  • This is for the fans to unite through chess!Anyone who wants to join is welcome but you've got to be a Dallas Cowboys fan!We have other groups(NFL teams)to compete against in team matches! The groups are forming we need to unite to fight!If you are not a fan of the cowboys ,there are other teams to join,visit the american sports bar and grill group for more info,if your team does not have a group yet CREATE one to add to the league and recruit fans of your own!

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  • I know,hope those refs would just get knocked out

    by johnny_BACON 6 months ago

  • dez bryant caught that ball. w/e we are the strongest team in the NFC coming into next year. sure up our pass rush, utilize beasley more. dez caught that damn ball. 3 steps. switched ball to hand closest to line for td. how is that not a football move?

    by tootiredatm 6 months ago

  • A great year...hopefully they will be even in 2015!

    by CowboyJunkie 7 months ago

  • Get active cowboys!C:

    by johnny_BACON 7 months ago

  • @CowboyJunkie, I think so

    by TheMeepOne 7 months ago

  • Actually isn't AZ most likely?

    by CowboyJunkie 7 months ago

  • lions probably up first or green bay. would prefer green bay because we have to play them anyways and would prefer to play them in dallas

    by tootiredatm 7 months ago

  • fuck right we are

    by tootiredatm 7 months ago

  • Going to the playoffs!!!

    by CowboyJunkie 7 months ago

  • Merry Christmas to all the faithful Cowboys fans.

    by Rjc210 7 months ago