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Dallas Cowboys Fans

  • everywhere,USA United States 
  • Formed: Apr 18, 2009
  • This is for the fans to unite through chess!Anyone who wants to join is welcome but you've got to be a Dallas Cowboys fan!We have other groups(NFL teams)to compete against in team matches! The groups are forming we need to unite to fight!If you are not a fan of the cowboys ,there are other teams to join,visit the american sports bar and grill group for more info,if your team does not have a group yet CREATE one to add to the league and recruit fans of your own!

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  • I know,hope those refs would just get knocked out

    by johnny_BACON 9 months ago

  • dez bryant caught that ball. w/e we are the strongest team in the NFC coming into next year. sure up our pass rush, utilize beasley more. dez caught that damn ball. 3 steps. switched ball to hand closest to line for td. how is that not a football move?

    by tootiredatm 9 months ago

  • A great year...hopefully they will be even in 2015!

    by CowboyJunkie 9 months ago

  • Get active cowboys!C:

    by johnny_BACON 9 months ago

  • @CowboyJunkie, I think so

    by TheMeepOne 10 months ago

  • Actually isn't AZ most likely?

    by CowboyJunkie 10 months ago

  • lions probably up first or green bay. would prefer green bay because we have to play them anyways and would prefer to play them in dallas

    by tootiredatm 10 months ago

  • fuck right we are

    by tootiredatm 10 months ago

  • Going to the playoffs!!!

    by CowboyJunkie 10 months ago

  • Merry Christmas to all the faithful Cowboys fans.

    by Rjc210 10 months ago