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Deep Space 9

  • Deep Space International 
  • Formed: Sep 1, 2012
  • Deep Space 9; a hub of trade and socialization for outer systems where just about anyone and anything can be encountered. Maintaining that spirit, Within this group, you will find forums listing chess.com groups separated by category with conenient links. So, if you are interested in sports, music, chess themes, or just about anything else on chess.com, likely, you will find what you're looking for here! Anyone may enter. The rules, here, are simple: No sensitive subjects are to be discussed and be courteous and polite to others.

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  • HAPPY NEW YEARS All my great friends. I hope the new year will bring Happiness and Success for all :)

    by Commander_Riker 4 weeks ago

  • Actually DS9 was a Starfleet Base. The official social group is 10 forward :)

    by Commander_Riker 5 weeks ago

  • I thought we decided DS9 was a social group. No problem, if CaptainPike has no objection, give me a list of those members and I'll invite them. Then I'll think which opponent to invite to a VC game.

    by Admiral_McCoy 5 weeks ago

  • Bones I would like to get some of the members of Quarks Bar to join in this group which is very close to the Fringie. I could use your help nd I thing we should get a few VC games going our goal here is to get DS9 more active. I have lot lot of personal feeling to DS9 as it was also one of my favorite ST series.

    by Commander_Riker 5 weeks ago

  • Ah man, I'm trying, sporadic at best, but I will be responding to messages as best I can, please let me know if there is anything I can do...

    by Admiral_Anttila 3 months ago

  • Hello Admiral good to see you. Are you going to be online more or is this just a nice visit :) LOL

    by Commander_Riker 3 months ago

  • Welcome!

    by Admiral_Anttila 3 months ago

  • LOL, you too Captain!!

    by Admiral_Anttila 4 months ago

  • Admiral_Anttila, it's good to see you online!

    by CaptainPike 4 months ago

  • Ambassador Spock, go right ahead!

    by CaptainPike 4 months ago