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Defenders of the Latvian Gambit

  • San Francisco, CA United States 
  • Formed: Aug 14, 2011
  • Join a group that appreciates the stunning Latvian Gambit. This group is open to all lovers over this gambit. We will have discussions and vote chess matches and team matches. Join and discover what the Latvian Gambit has for you!

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  • the latvian gambit lives! by tony kosten 2001 edition is about the only book you will find,for players outside the us, kabisser magazine covers it but it is in german only

    by goommba88 6 weeks ago

  • Does anyone know of which book is good to get on this opening? I am having a lot of troblewith the ExF lines.

    by machijv 21 months ago

  • No

    by chessman_calum 21 months ago

  • Are there any latvian gambit groups that are active?

    by machijv 21 months ago

  • Nope, this group is very unactive

    by chessman_calum 21 months ago

  • We need a latvian gambit group that is active! I play this opening whenever I can. I am not very good though. Anyone got any recently cool games?

    by machijv 22 months ago

  • Dead group. I tried.

    by chessman_calum 2 years ago

  • 25 members for team matches? Do you invite players or just wait they will come themselves? Or it is dead group like another three...

    by Shuhister 2 years ago

  • well, one of them anyway

    by chessman_calum 2 years ago

  • Hey, the admins are still active though

    by chessman_calum 2 years ago

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