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Devon Chess

  • Devon England 
  • Formed: Jan 11, 2009
  • Devon, a great chess county and this a thriving group for all those who wish to represent us in matches and vote chess. You must have lived in Devon or currently live here! Those who don't live in Devon or never have WILL be removed. We are limited but fantastic :)

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  • Hi Gang - we have another County match starting end June - it would be nice to have a couple more in the higher regions?? We need the help! Thanks as always.

    by ColonelQue 4 weeks ago

  • Calling all high rated Devonians - we need a strong team to repeal the Scottish Lothians!! Please sign up asap! Many thanks.

    by ColonelQue 6 weeks ago

  • Help....all Devonians - we need a strong team for our next County game v Worcestershire. Please sign up asap! Many thanks.

    by ColonelQue 3 months ago

  • Happy New Year to all Devonians....may your chess pieces behave and 2015 bring you many victories, especially in your County games! Please keep an eye out as our next County game is due up and the new season is beginning.

    by ColonelQue 6 months ago

  • Keep plugging away people - we are mid-table at the moment....see link : http://www.chess.com/groups/forumview/2013-county-championship-table

    by ColonelQue 8 months ago

  • Last call for any Devonians to join the match v Lancashire - add your name before Sunday evening please! Thanks.

    by ColonelQue 10 months ago

  • The next County game is in - we are matched against the Lads and Lasses of Lancashire. Please sign up asap....thanks

    by ColonelQue 10 months ago


    by mammoth64 10 months ago

  • Calling all Devonians - we need you all - this game against Sussex finds us outnumbered and out-gunned on every board! Stand up now - your County needs you!! Sign up in the matches section - I will have to close the game within the next 7 days......

    by ColonelQue 11 months ago

  • Hi all - just a quick note to layout our record at the moment in the 2013-14 championship; Played 6 - Won 3, Lost 2 and Drawn 1. £ matches in progress - winning in one and losing in two.

    by ColonelQue 12 months ago