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Devon Chess

  • Devon England 
  • Formed: Jan 11, 2009
  • Devon, a great chess county and this a thriving group for all those who wish to represent us in matches and vote chess. You must have lived in Devon or currently live here! Those who don't live in Devon or never have WILL be removed. We are limited but fantastic :)

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  • Will do ColonelQue :)

    by Ladyofthe_Knight 5 weeks ago

  • Hi Devonians - I have challenged Cumbria - they are joining the County scene next year - so please sign up to say hello to them as soon as they accept the challenge....thanks.

    by ColonelQue 5 weeks ago

  • Sure, I'm interested:)

    by Ladyofthe_Knight 5 weeks ago

  • Hi Devon Chess - I'm looking to set up some games as admin for Cumbria Chess Team - any interest? We will be in the County Championships next year so this is just a getting to know you approach :-)

    by digitaylor 5 weeks ago

  • Thanks Mike:)

    by Ladyofthe_Knight 2 months ago

  • Hi fellow Devonians. If you are interested, especially those who play the County games, the County tables are now updated at Only a few more matches to go.

    by ColonelQue 2 months ago

  • new ecf grades are out, for anyone interested

    by thecentipede 4 months ago

  • Who knows I may just sneak in the back door :)

    by Ladyofthe_Knight 4 months ago

  • careful, your beginning to sound like you might prefer the cornwall group to the devon group ;)

    by thecentipede 4 months ago

  • I love Cornwall, used to go to Falmouth a lot because my son lived there, now he's in Brighton we go there a lot.

    by Ladyofthe_Knight 4 months ago