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Dynamic Dutch Defense

  • Louisville, KY United States 
  • Formed: Oct 9, 2008
  • This is a group is for people who either already play the Dutch Defense or who want to learn more about it. Rating is not important. This is a private group. If you are interested in joining, let one of our Administrators know and he will let you in. The main rule is - treat everyone with respect. Rude comments will not be tolerated. We participate in Match Play and Vote Chess. In Vote Chess we play Black. In Match Play we will play the White and Black side of the same opening sequence. Only Administrators of Dynamic Dutch have the authority to create matches/games in this group. Those who intend to use our group to make posting for matches/games of their own creation risk being banned as this behavior reduces our group's playing strength. That said, we sincerely hope you have fun as a member of Dynamic Dutch Defense!