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  • EGYPTian & Titled & Professional Chess Players Egypt 
  • Formed: Jun 29, 2013
  • مرحبا بكل اللاعبين المصريين Everyone who cares for EGYPT and would like to represent it on this site is kindly invited to join the newly revitalised group EGYPT & Titled & Professional Chess Players . Already we have many members. We will be making a big effort in next year's , also playing vote chess and chess 960. The idea behind this group is Brotherhood between all Egyptian ; as the name already implies EGYPT.We embody the spirit of Egyptian teamwork. Any group stands or falls with the participation of its members. And we hope that your well-being and level of satisfaction transposes to other members within the group and lift our group to higher places! I hope to see all members happy that are a very important requirement for a group's success .join and supporting us to defeat our rivals . there is No place for the weak or the defeatists on our chess teams!