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Electricpawn's Retro Rockers

  • Planet Earth International 
  • Formed: Jul 25, 2012
  • Welcome to Electricpawn's Retro Rockers! The purpose of this group is to post and discuss classic rock and roots videos. We may even play some team matches if it strikes our fancy.

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  • The Best Of Rare Earth (Full Album ♫♫ https://youtu.be/zhrC27ljmoc

    by cheeky_chicky 6 days ago

  • HEART ♫♫ https://youtu.be/3vlAdMeZSfw

    by cheeky_chicky 4 weeks ago

  • Simul Coming very SOON! THIS MONTH ! Stay posted! INCREDIBLE Live simuls coming soon NM AWW-RATS will be taking on maybe as many as 100 PLAYERS at once! WOW! Stay posted HERE!!

    by cheeky_chicky 5 weeks ago

  • All of Downtown now is peppered with water parks and doggy parks and playgrounds for kids.

    by cheeky_chicky 6 weeks ago

  • Then there is the flower district and the art district. Then there is the music center / Called civic center ,,, That stages symphonic events , opera and ballet and also fine dining

    by cheeky_chicky 6 weeks ago

  • You think so? It's broken up into different sections. There is OLD Downtown which is mainly on Broadway.. Clothing shops , electronics and jewelry stores , fast food and restaurants.Then there is The Fashion district. Has clothing apparel. Purses shoes. and accessories... Toys and electronics and fast food and restaurants. Then there is The Toy district. Toys and colognes/ perfumes/ electronics... Then Little Tokyo. Then there is the new Posh Downtown area near the Staples center with a superma

    by cheeky_chicky 6 weeks ago

  • My sister took me there a couple times. It was pretty cool, but that was when I realized that LA 's downtown area is small.

    by electricpawn 6 weeks ago

  • Sure. I go there quite often to eat and shop. Lot's of really cute shops there and the dining is fantastic there.

    by cheeky_chicky 6 weeks ago

  • I don' remember the name of the building, but it's the second tallest in that area in LA . My oldest sister had her wedding reception therem.

    by electricpawn 6 weeks ago

  • Have you been to Little Tokyo?

    by electricpawn 6 weeks ago