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  • Formed: Jul 24, 2009
  • group ELEVEN good and cool group

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  • Happy Saint Patrick's Day to everyone!

    by ackellum 5 weeks ago

  • Thats whats the site want and the first admin this is one of gps that site created

    by TheTeacherT 3 months ago

  • i would like to know...why ELEVEN?

    by patoff 6 months ago

  • For active players, try joining Jokers Super Special Troops, now on a limited time recruitment process

    by bokek 9 months ago

  • merry christmas everyone!!!!!!

    by abhiram_pandiri 16 months ago

  • thanx for invite

    by ub_19 18 months ago

  • Thanks for another invitation! I won't be able to complain about not enough chess!

    by Gummug 19 months ago

  • 521.。。。。123.。。

    by Xusha 19 months ago

  • Thanks for invite...

    by abhiram_pandiri 19 months ago

  • Thanks for the Invite :)

    by nibir 19 months ago