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ELT (European League Teams)

  • Europe Catalonia 
  • Formed: Feb 6, 2011
  • For administrators or superadministrators of European teams, with a number of members between 20 and 60, that want to participate in the Team League. If you're member of this group, your team will be registered in the League. The rules, the results, the matches,.. all will be put in this place. Join to this group and participate with your team.

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  • can i enter lanarkshire chess club

    by craiggillies67 18 months ago

  • hy,whether this group is still working and will be given League or matches

    by muva_ri 4 years ago

  • Hi everybody! The provisional results of the ELT are: HMSS-London 1-3 Galicia-Independència 0-4 Leeds-Celtic FC 0-0 And the provisional classification is: 1.Independència 4 points 2.London 3 points 3.HMSS 1 point 4.Galicia, Leeds and Celtic FC 0 points.

    by Quatrebarres 5 years ago

  • Link of London Vs HMSS http://www.chess.com/groups/team_match.html?id=61075

    by victorabiodun 5 years ago

  • The team "Equipo Galicia" will participate in the ELT playing the first round vs. Independència (link: http://www.chess.com/groups/team_match.html?id=61272). jonnyjoint, must send me the link of the match HMSS vs London. Anthony_Ibbitson, must send me the link of the match Leeds vs Celtic FC. Thanks and good luck!!!!

    by Quatrebarres 5 years ago

  • Didn't understood it was for football teams. Was so much looking for a competition for The Architects that...didn´t read it very well. Sorry. "League" should've rang a bell in my head. LOL Still looks good, depends of Benfica members.

    by jpf 5 years ago

  • The inscriptions will finish next Tuesday. Then I will send you the list of teams in order to confirm the participation.

    by Quatrebarres 5 years ago

  • I'm superadmin also in The Architects. Benfica is at the moment in the competition TMCL for football clubs. It will be difficult for us to be in two competitions at he same time (only 37 members). We'll see. However for The Architects it would be a nice competition.

    by jpf 5 years ago

  • jpf: the invitation is for the team Sport Lisboa e BENFICA (40 members). You're the superadministrator

    by Quatrebarres 5 years ago

  • However we have more than 60 members. :(

    by jpf 5 years ago